Child Welfare Law

Accusations of child dependency/deprivation can be made by anybody who has knowledge of the facts, including a noncustodial parent, a school, a neighbor or friend, a relative, or the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). At Shani O. Brooks P.C. our experienced attorneys can assist you in all stages of the dependency process.


The Department of Family and Children Services remove children from their homes every day, sometimes acting on limited or inaccurate information. It is extremely important you consult with an attorney who has experience with deprivation and dependency cases, to ensure your rights as a parent will be protected.


Deprivation and Dependency cases are usually based on allegations that a child is not receiving proper care, including child's physical, mental, educational, or emotional needs not being met, or a child has been abandoned by his or her parents and is without a legal guardian. 


Juvenile cases are very different from adult criminal cases, in the state of Georgia. The system is meant to provide minors with rehabilitation rather than focus solely on punishment. Unfortunately, depending on the offense itself or the minor's history of other criminal activity, the court may impose very harsh penalties or may even try a minor as an adult. A criminal record can limit your child’s future options for education and employment.  Let the attorneys at Shani O. Brooks PC. focus on protecting your son or daughter’s future.

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